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Italian Coffee Ambassadors

Mamis Caffè is an Italian business situated in Merano (province of Bolzano) producing coffee and chocolate. The brand, Mamis Caffè, was born in 2011 after a ten-year experience in this field. Since then we have produced coffee that we love to intend not only as gusto, aroma and scent but also research, science and a real modus vivendi. Mamis Caffè project derives from our passion and love for the Italian coffee. Since ever we have craved to create a quality product accompanied by a smiling, radiant and positive picture of us that could mark the difference between us and our competitors – a sort of favourable business card. We found out our common line of thought, we joined as a group united by the bravery, sensitivity and discipline that are highlighting every step of our journey.

In Mamis Caffè, our daily commitment is to offer our clients the best coffee we can produce by exploiting all our experience. Whoever drinks our coffee needs to savour the ancient tradition of this drink thanks to the innovative and cutting-edge coffee makers. Mamis Caffè represents the real Italian coffee culture we want to let the people abroad taste throughout its great genuineness. We want to export the real tradition of the Italian coffee to other countries, to attract the interest of coffee lovers towards our way to live this drink.

Mamis Caffè is quality both in the manufacture and in its appearance. We use only the best ingredients, the most innovative machineries, the best workings, the best blends and top-quality packaging materials. Our values are the ethics, transparency, quality and craftsmanship– we want to share our knowledge and experience about coffee from A to Z and in the richest, the most qualitative, sustainable, transparent and possible ever. 

//Mamis Caffè

Our daily commitment is to offer our clients the best coffee we can produce by exploiting all our experience.


Mamis Caffè - since 2011

After many years in the coffee field, in 2011 we decided to channel our experience to Mamis Caffè project. Enthusiasm, love, joy, attention paid to the details and never-ending desire to prove ourselves have been our basic values since the birth of our company.

Inspired by the legendary movie “Gone with the wind”, we decided to represent our product with Mamis face, the devoted Rossella O’Hara’s housemaid. We have conceived her as warm-hearted nanny, who wakes up in the morning with her smiling face and with a fumy mocha pot in her hand.

In 2017 we felt the need for a change of image: the new logo, like the entire design, give the product a more modern look, with the sincerity and transparency of always.