Irish Coffee

  • Doses for: 1 person
  • Preparation: 5 min.
  • Cooking time: -
  • Difficulty: Easy
Irish Coffee


  • Mamis Caffè Espresso Crema Coffee: 5/10
  • Irish Whiskey: 3/10
  • Whipped cream: 2/10 (4 spoons)
  • Brwon sugar: 1 tablespoon


Take a glass of 0.20 liters and preheat it with boiling water. Then insert a teaspoon of brown sugar and a shot of Irish whiskey (you can use such as Jameson or Bushmills). Then add a cup of weak coffee and stir until the sugar dissolves. Meanwhile, pour the cream into a shaker and begin to shake for about ten seconds until the cream is not mounted slightly. Then add the cream with a spoon, without stirring!

Gourmet Note:

The Irish Coffee should be drunk without stirring his coffee with cream.