Mamis celebrates World Sleep Day - NOT!

Mamis celebrates ...

Mamis celebrates World Sleep Day - NOT!

Note: Irony alarm!

Mamis celebrates World Sleep Day - NOT!

International World Sleep Day has existed since 2008. It was created by the Association of Sleep Medicine to point out the importance of sleep. March 15th marks its return!

However, current studies that show the following: Sleep is totally overrated! Our Institute for Coffeology and Taste Explosion, or ICTE of short, found out over many  years of abundant coffee consumption that it is often much more sensible and more interesting to consume large quantities of coffee and then stay awake for no particular reason! And indeed: We found amazing facts about sleeping which also support the studies of the ICTE:

  • We sleep an average of 24 years and 4 months. That’s a lot of lost time! Imagine what you could experience during this time!

  • For most people, an ideal bedtime is before 10 PM or 11 PM. What? That’s when the best films run on TV!!!

  • Most people wake up before 6 AM or 7 AM. Those are inhumane times. You might as well not even go to bed!

  • We wake up at night up to 28 times. So it seems like sleeping isn't really worth it anyway.

Tips for (no) good sleep

And so we say: Those who are awake longer get more from their day, and since we simply think that sleep is overrated, here are six wonderful tips that will definitely prevent you from catching any shuteye: 

  • Drink a lot of coffee throughout the entire day

  • Start drinking coffee right after lunch or even better, in the evening right before you go to bed

  • Go to bed with a full stomach

  • Perform as many mentally and physically strenuous activities as possible before going to sleep

  • Avoid regular bedtimes and wake-up times  

  • Your bed is not just your bed: It can also be used as your office, a place to watch TV, a place to eat or a creative workshop - and as a comfortable place to drink some coffee :D

All of these tips are sure to minimize your sleep!

Irony off

Okay, okay, we admit it: every once and awhile it is nice to really sink into your bed, close your eyes and escape to the land of dreams. And yes, it is probably even healthy. At least a little bit.

If you decide to go to sleep despite our “no-sleep tips”, but don’t want to miss out on your daily dose of coffee, just reach for decaffeinated coffee. ;) Yes, you can also find it in our assortment! The Deca Coffee is available in bean form,  or as ground coffee in our shop!

So with that in mind: Sleep well...