How real Italians drink their caffè

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How real Italians drink their caffè

Do you love caffè? Do you love Italian caffè and the lifestyle that comes with it? The Dolce Vita (sweet life), and that fiery Italian charisma? Then it is high time for you to become a true caffè connoisseur! We’ve prepared

7 Tips on how you can become an authentic Italian coffee aficionado

1. Put on a pair of shades! Wait, what? Italians always wear their sunglasses, no matter what they are doing or where they are at the moment. At the museum, on the toilet at a restaurant, or at a small table in the piazza with some great caffè. When it’s cloudy. Or rainy. After all, the sun could come out at any time... ;) that’s how you live the glass-half-full life! 

2. NEVER order an espresso! ... and please do not order an “EXPRESSO”! The Anglicization of an Italian term is very, very bad (please don’t order “GNOTCHY” at a restaurant either; that is just as terrible). Furthermore, a true Italian never orders an espresso anyway. They just order a caffè with a laid-back attitude. Basta.

3. Get a move on! A lot of things move “al volo” for Italians – and drinking coffee is no different! Italians prefer to quickly enjoy their pick-me-ups while standing directly by the bar – several times a day!

4. Cappuccino only in the morning! In Italy, people drink their cappuccino, i.e. their caffè with milk foam, only in the morning – and they prefer to pair it with a sweet cornetto or brioche. Anything that’s good must be enjoyed accordingly, which is something that Italians do all too well! :)

5. Talk. Talk a lot. It’s not just a cliché, it’s actually a fact that Italians like to talk...a lot. And most of the time, they don’t exactly do it quietly either. :D It’s like when they wear their sunglasses: they do it all the time and everywhere! Whenever you meet up with someone for that daily caffè, it’s important that you have enough conversation topics up your sleeve so that you can chat the other person’s ear off! 

6. Make gestures! Just talking won’t get the job done, though: a real Italian can also manage the acrobatics of holding the cup between their fingers and making wild gestures that can sometimes come across as a bit unsettling to outsiders. However, the hand and arm fidgeting is simply part of authentic Italian coffee chit-chat!

7. Never go to the bar unkempt. Italians are always well-dressed, and it’s not just the women but also the men who place a great deal of importance on their external appearance. You need to get the hairstyle right more than anything. Otherwise, it’s a no-go. A cup of caffè in one hand while the other hand brushes your dark hair out of your face that’s what you call a true Italian boy!


Yes, a love for truly great coffee is just typically Italian – with everything that comes with it. So, if our tips got you ready for “un amore italiano”, you can also have our Original Italian Caffèdelivered straight to your home – and hey, you won’t have to worry about combing your hair! ;)