Happy new coffee-year!

Happy new coffee-year!

Coming up: 365 new days, 365 new opportunities, plus plenty of solemn New Year’s resolutions that will only be broken. :D It’s all a bit silly, really – perhaps not what you had in mind? No problem! Mamis New Year’s resolutions finally let you keep the promises you made - and will turn 2019 into a year to remember!


Ten New Year's resolutions that you’ll definitely keep:

  1. Let others go first more often - when cleaning the coffee maker, for example. ;)

  2. Take time for family and friends: sit down together and enjoy a cup (or two) of the best drink in the world – coffee, of course!

  3. Drink lots. Best of all set a large flask of coffee on your desk. Stop! Water, of course! WATER!! ;)

  4. Be more honest: each morning tell your office colleagues, unprompted, which coffee and how much of it you consumed the day before. Every. Single. Morning.

  5. Eat less chocolate. Luckily nobody mentioned drinking chocolate! :D

  6. Allow your inner Italian free rein. More gestures, more enjoyment - and more coffee, of course!

  7. Show more patience, take your time and drink a cup of tea - Mamis is especially tasty! #surreptitiousadvertising

  8. Giving up coffee is a very, very bad idea. Simply stop drinking it in the evening. But even that’s all nonsense! Just enjoy drinking your coffee(s) as you like!

  9. Inhale more. Of course, we don’t mean smoking, but rather the coffee aroma that smells so delicious you simply can’t resist it!

  10. Avoid all diets and simply enjoy your food without bad conscience! But don't worry, your morning caffeine shot – as ordered by (and from) Mamis – will get you going each day and help those “forbidden” calories to vanish all by themselves. :D



So then, Happy New Year! :)